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Inning accordance with the High-Risk List report, the government’s real estate portfolio consists of about 273,000 structures that are leased or owned, and expense billions of dollars to run and keep.

Within that portfolio are uninhabited structures, structures in disrepair, and as GAO described in its report, facilities that might deal with possible attacks due to security difficulties.

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” We advised, in December 2015, that [the Federal Protective Service] and GSA– two firms that share responsibility for safeguarding federal facilities– act to improve their collaboration and settle the 2 firms’ memorandum of agreement (MOA) appropriately,” GAO reported. “Since August 2016, FPS reported that it has actually taken steps with GSA to fix distinctions in firm opinions on security-related authorities for safeguarding federal real estate. However, progress toward an agreement is slow; the MOA has actually not been updated considering that 2006.”

GAO also recalled a report provided in January that discovered that foreign entities owned high-security space rented by GSA in 20 buildings, through 25 leases, as of March 2016. Because report, which GAO repeated in its High-Risk List, auditors prompted GSA to begin sharing that information when a firm is considering a lease for a high-security function.

Physical security and guard training programs aside, GAO’s focus in its high-risk audit of real property management handle an over-reliance on leasing residential or commercial properties. surplus structures, and data reliability.

” GSA’s current progress in minimizing its dependence on leasing has actually been modest,” GAO reported.

Inning accordance with the High-Risk List, GSA reported that the quantity of area it leases fell for three straight years, however amounts to only a 4 percent drop since 2013.

But Peck explained that even huge corporations count on lease area, and while it’s something to buy property in an area where you know you’ll be for a long time, it does not constantly make sense if you’re not staying. Not just that, however Congress only provides GSA a lot loan to buy and preserve buildings, Peck said.

” The alternative method of getting a possession that you own is to rent it over a time period and after that own it at the end of that time,” Peck stated. “GAO notes that one of the issues GSA and the feds have in general is that if they do rent a good possession, they cannot– because of the method the government ratings capital investments– they can’t own it at the end of that time.”